I'm considering applying to The University of Texas, Austin. Is there anything I should know about the school or the location? what events happened on 1996? Can somone help me change this paragraph around alittle!!? Can I get in Stanford, Duke, or JHU with a 3.91 GPA? Can you make this line shorter as I'm going to use it as a title of my essay? Which is better: Honda CB___ or Yamaha XS___? Hunger Games and Constitution agree with Thomas Hobbes beliefs? Any advice on how to relocate to another state for work? hey tell me how you like my story feel free to give me Ideas you had and also feel free to proof read.? Help me!! What to text a girl I like? should i write my personal statement about my hijab? Who are some interesting people to do a research project on? What kind of impact does fast food have on young people? Since God is Jesus, why is the life of Jesus so poorly documented? If the Giver had gone on one more chapter, What do you think would've happened? Central conflicts in Into the wild? can anybody tell me any new screenwriter name in hollywood which his movie release internationaly? Questions for Native Americans about the effects of increasing urbanization on the American Indian population?

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