Is Piracy Destroying the Music Industry? Why would foreign investors stop investing in a politically unstable country? Where would I go or from what website can someone purchase a lite writer for Autistic children? What majors can work for a videogame company? In literature,what shapes a characters identity? Can you create an app with HTML5? Can you help me correct my grammar mistakes in my essay? How to make hair grow faster? How many IB points do i need to get into University of Michigan? What do you think about my plan of joining the Air Force? Economics - which topic should we choose for group project? How to transition from Army to FBI? How to fake asthma to get an inhaler? i have windows vista and i need the resume wizaed!!!? what is the plot of the story "the adventures of the speckled band"? Persuasive Speech Help? Do artists usually paint over/trace photographs in order to make a realistic painting? I am a statistics major but I suck at math? Need help with Marxism in China's revolution during Mao zedong?

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      It can't be true! Could it really be a essay submitted for a college application? Not so, it reads like a biography of a potential college student from the South or a potential student pretending to be from the South. It is not an essay that was ever read for a college admissions packet. It also has characters in the story that had not been given backgrounds, namely Jennifer,... Full answer More answers

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