how has hip hop helped the image of woman? Does This Guy Like Me Help? (10POINTS!)? Why are Mercutio and Tybalt to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? I forgot to report my income to SSI disability? Will I go to jail? WHAT IS A GOOD ARGUMENTATIVE TOPIC FOR A GIRL? Best way to transfer 60gb from one laptop to another? From each religion, what are the characteristics [name one/two] of the major figure in it? What can I do about this horse rescue? -10 points-? Where can i find a download a VIDEO of JFK's Rice Moon speech? Please Help with Economic Homework!? When sending a FAX, do you include the cover sheet with the number of pages?

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      I'd use that as theme as its commercial and relevant. But suggest you maybe focus that to something specific like SAP in HR or SAP for faster customer communications (orders/quotes etc). Full answer More answers

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