can anyone edit this for me? Re entering the US under F1 status while not intending to enroll.? Jobs for Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Healthcare Administration and Management? Do I have a chance at college.. at least a pretty decent one? Please help me.? why are so many people proud that they don't read? Has Obama picked a good economics team? SI Unit conversion Problems Help? Could you critique my college admissions essay please? How to find a thesis argument concerning a topic like UFOs etc? Please hurry, help is Very much appreciated :)? Should I send a thank you email BEFORE an interview? How much do you think that someone with my experience should request? Should society be primarily focused to protect the people living now or to prepare for future generations? Why am I upset? Why am I sad? Please help? How can i lern perfect english fast.....? Im using VB6 and Access 2003 - Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression? Computer systems Question? declaration of independence? Is it possible to be an "agnostic muslim" ?

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      First of all, don’t apologize for taking twelve years off to be with your children. Give it the emphasis it needs and don’t underplay it. You should be proud of it and stress the skills that make you the right person for the position. Apologizing can make you an unattractive job candidate and is not the way for a mom to reenter the work force. Second, if you’re a mom re-entering the... Full answer More answers

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