Sherlock Holmes stories with a similar theme to "A Scandal In Bohemia"? Economic Macro-variables in Ireland? getting clothing sewn? Ok... Can someone (Preferably an English Teacher) help me with the Grammar on my third and final essay? How competitive is admission to Bard College at Simon's Rock? Getting a PhD in a subject entirely unrelated to your profession? important job question? Frankenstein Questions, Please Help!? Should I start teaching with a TEMPORARY CERTIFICATE or start the MA in TEACHING PROGRAM? English Homework help? Grade my SAT essay and give me feedback! 10 points? Is this a thesis? (rough draft)? Start chess at 23. What's an achievable ELO? can you quit school if traveling there is a hassle? does "the German university in Cairo" has any good reputation in here for engineering? Argument essay on gay marriage!! final paper help please..INTRO ONLY? I'm a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Student, how to make a Resume?

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  1. Will Ferrell at USC Graduation: 'Trust Your Gut' |

    TIME Ideas hosts the world's leading voices, providing commentary on events in news, society, and culture. We welcome outside contributions. Opinions expressed do not ...

    • Do i stand a chance to get into USC ?

      3 answers

      What program do you want to enter? Some programs (business, engineering, cinema) are much harder than others. Guessing with the journalism classes you are looking at Annenberg. Your GPA is promising, but how about your test scores? Your key...

    • Do I have a chance to get into USC ?

      1 answer

      USC is actually not that hard to get into. Just depends on your intended major. Does the 3.5 GPA include the 5 pts for an A you usually get for AP/honors classes? You just might have problems paying for it. You probably won't get a...

    • do i still stand a chance of getting into usc ?

      3 answers

      USC likes well-rounded students. So, with that being said, have you done an adequate amount of community service? Other than being in IB, have you done are you involved in any other activity on campus? Secondly, yes, a good essay is...

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  10. The film industry is a profession that most people automatically write off as impossible to get into. ˆGood luck with that,ˆ people will say with a smirk ...