Why does putting an age restriction on something make people want to do it? Do I have a chance of getting into UCI? What about the females killed...? What should my 3rd body paragraph be about? Comparing and contrasting these two poems, help please!? Do you feel that your teenage son/daughter have too much homework? Chefs Resume Would this be considered "bad"? When its all said and done do you think this can get me to UC Santa barbara? The way i get so angry, just doesnt seem normal? I need help on my MYP personal project? What should I do ? HELP? Help with MLA format? Bad weed trip, what happened? Rape culture debatable essay? How do you curl satin fabric ribbons? I need help with this essay please Help....... Language? Is there anything I should change about my character analysis essay? Problem statement? I am writing a positive paper about a company. My thesis says "company x produces...?

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