Where to find leads on entry-level research jobs? I'm a freshman in high school and am at a college level. This summerI can take a college class. I plan on being pre med. what shouldI take? Need advice; applying to college/universities; help?!? I'm straight. Why does my dick get hard when I see a man's erection? DESPERATE Q. for COMPUTER GEEKS, Part 2--PLEASE ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CAN DO SO WITH VIRTUAL COMPLETE CERTAINTY!! What is Obama's most memorable or inspiring quote or speech? Can someone proof read my essay? My teacher is very picky.? I live in Alabama and I am trying to become an actor.? Crime Rate and Social Class? How hard is it to get into SCAD Atlanta .? Do I have a mental disability(long)? I have computer problems!? Is this true do? You are to write a phrase guessing game patterned after the TV show Wheel-of-Fortune.? the rabbit, the fox and the wolf: a fable!!!.? What are some Synonyms for Said?

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