Doesn't it get OLD when you waste your time writing an answer only to be told when you submit it that the question does not exist.? Isn't it strange that liberals with PHD's know so little about economics, history, anthropology etc.? why did transcendentalists seek self reliance? If I solved the claymath institues PvsNP example question, should I turn it in to the claymath institute? How can i start a personal story essay for a scholarship? I AM A MUSLIM CAN I GET ENGAGED BUT GET TO KNOW THE GUY FIRST? what were the aztec slaves rights? What improvements do I need to make to my Russian handwriting? Answers from native Russians are preferable.? i am doing btech in ECE sometimes I am sio blank about wht to do nxt or how i will make it big? Proofread spanish essay? Thanks!? I NEED some ideas for a photo story/essay. It has to be a series a pictures telling myth fable or legend? some questions for people who get A's in US history? Grammar question: Is the following sentence grammatically correct? Help on this essay prompt!! (Scholarship for Vet School)? Is Fox News President in link with Phone Hacking Terrorist in the UK he owned a paper for? Can anyone sum up what happened in the pacific war? im writing a paper on either pop culture or advertisement, which should i pick and what would you recommend my topic be? Do Leftists, who spend so much effort DEFEATING free-speech, do so because they hold positions that are indefensible? what are some movies with an underlying theme? What is wrong with my Laptop ? What is the future of nuclear power?

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