I saw sign at ALDI for management trainee. So i dropped a resume and a cover letter.? the razor's edge quotes? need help creating a thesis statement or question for my reserch paper about suicide? Do you make more in book royalties if you self-publish your book? Merchant of Venice English help? Commercial Real Estate/Business Broker career? How would you rate my essay? What can I expect in an interview with the Chevron Corporation? Chances for top schools, such as MIT, Harvard, Caltech, Stanford, etc? Kingdom Days Sim Date cheat codes? School...Work.... life seems meaningless? I have a teen sexting argument essay due and i've been working on it for 2 weeks now and keep freezing!? Imagine: You're an employer and a girl walks in with a work experience in porn.? Does a star fuse through all the elements on the periodic table in order until it reaches iron? How can I squeeze in workouts? Should I tailor my resume so I don't seem overqualified for certain jobs I apply for?

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    • Could someone just read over my essay ?

      3 answers

      Well, two basic things, there seems to be very little flow between your paragraphs, choppy almost. Also, the second and third paragraphs seem almost extraneous, like they're not important to your overall essay. You also seem to be reusing...

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    • Could Someone please read over my essay ?

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