Do you want the United States to adopt Shari’ah Law? What does COMPELLING CIRCUMSTANCES mean? How long did it take Late Dennis Ritchie the Great & Sir Ken Thompson to write the UNIX Operating System? Any ideas on a persuasive history topic?? Winston Churchill and WWII? "the age of reason" by Sartre? I'm a student in masters degree that study earthquake engineering in Iran.How can I get PHD apply from us? I have to write an essay on the subject (explained Bellow)? Japan is known for being a cultured, disciplined, respectful society so how are the WW2 atrocities explained? Is it possible for me to get a green card or citizenship? What to do if the company mistakes my application for an OJT instead of Employment? I want to be a planetary geologist and be an astronaut? Grade my SAT Essay? (out of 12)? What do you think of these ? (Shoess)? King Lear by Shakespeare?

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