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  2. Kata History - okinawas karate do learning center


    The Heian(pinan) Kata are a series of five empty hand forms taught in many Karate styles. The Pinan kata originated in Okinawa and were adapted by Anko Itosu from ...

  3. Kata Video - Hinode Shotokan Karate Club


    This character means "form", or "pattern". Kata are the formal exercises of karate which emulate defence against multiple imaginary opponents.

  4. The Bunkai Blueprint: A Simple Framework for Applying …


    08.10.2014 · The Bunkai Blueprint: A Simple Framework for Applying the Kata of Karate in Practical Self-Defense

  5. Action Karate Online Training


    Now showing videos for week of 8/28/17. Select your belt level to access current training videos. Not currently an Action Karate Student? Click here.

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    Karate New Zealand is the national governing body for Karate recognised by Sport New Zealand. Our members cover the length and breadth of New Zealand, come from all ...

  7. Karate - Wikipedia


    Funakoshi changed the names of many kata and the name of the art itself (at least on mainland Japan), doing so to get karate accepted by the Japanese bud ...

  8. How to Understand Basic Karate: 10 Steps (with …


    04.06.2016 · How to Understand Basic Karate. Karate is an ancient martial art built around self-defense that originates from Japan and China. It has become extremely ...

  9. Kata kiai points - Shotokan Karate


    Enough for a lifetime Below you will find a list of all of the katas taught in the modern Shotokan Karate system, as well as photographs of all ...

  10. List of Katas in Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate


    A listing and brief description of the katas required of students during belt testing and advancement in Shotokan Karate at IMA.

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    Address Sports Karate Federation Unit 15 Pelham Court Business Centre, Pelham Place, Broadfield, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 9SH