Best phone service with unlimited data? (Cheapest)? Why did Hitler hate Japanese? What happened to the united America that we once had during and prior to WWII? What's a Creative Thesis? How can i get signed to a record label? Parents that homeschool, I have some questions? What are my chances of being accepted to these colleges? What do you admire about Franklin D. Roosevelt? Research Paper Topic? People ask for evidence of god,if god is there then where is he,can u show him,well the answer is god is beyond nature,reality,ur opinion? Friday Night Lights 4/3 music? Everyone thinks my family is rich but we aren't.. What to do..? What are some major changes and continuities from 1600-1815? Would I get into any of the UC Colleges? I need an example of each kind of sentence ..declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory? Please help me. Is this a scam!? ZOMG proof read my japanese paper thing(bad writing sorry)? Introducing a new species in books?

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