Need a catchy title for compare/contrast essay? I want to be a professor who teaches counseling and therapy techniques. What do I need to get my doctorate in? Ideas for Thesis/problem statement: The future of education in the united states? Topics to write on about obamacare? Are these good majors to teach English in Japan? How do you say a resume objective in Spanish? Is this how a mother is supposed to act or is mine abusive? Help me improve my thesis statement? Should same sex marriages be legalized in the United States? Would it be appropriate to ask a female co-worker out on a date? Why are people prejudice against Muslims? Can I get into Columbia? Help with Lord of the Flies essay?!? A few animals that are barely known? i have to write an essay on a book called the hunger games using ethos logos and pathos help!please? Who I can I appeal to? If extraterrestial beings do exist in the Universe, where are they?

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  6. Constant existence of bullying in our "civilized" world shows we have long way to go before we accept someone "not so much" like everybody else :D

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  9. On behalf of not-spawn-having people everywhere, allow me to tell parents to shut up when they consider saying stuff like this.

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    My suggestion, parents: If you need to buy this thing, thereby forcing me to watch them twirl around my classroom, please send in a little gift card too.