Needing ideas for a disscussion questions on the movie/book "whale rider"? I want to make a dating sim with an adobe flash program, but I don't know which version to get? What are the general step to becoming a nurse? How did you get into college? What masks does Malvolio wear? What's the best NOT TORRENT Download client? With the following letters make 500 words (you can only double the letter if there are two in the list)? what do you think of theses names ? Where to get an agent for a TV show idea? How can I structure my essay on Herbert Bush's Presidency? What are diseases and illnesses found in Uganda? Or Africa? How are these thesis statements (both are on ancient Roman history)? Any Ideas please on how to do this? Algebra Help =)? Sorry, to Bother u again but can u help me to translate 2 cover letter's in German.? Any clever titles for an essay about Pollution? What job,if any, could a person get if she/he reads but does not speak German? i need help with eglish essay?

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      Since you are only 13, you need your parents or your guardian to sign the publishing contract for you. You would need an agent if you want to published by a traditional publisher. This process takes time - months and even years. The chance of getting rejected is also very high. I also suggest that you try self-publishing. You don't need an agent to do this as you simply have to get... Full answer More answers

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