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  2. Does any one know anything about jane adams and the hull ...

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    02.09.2008 · So i thought Hull Houses where abortion clinics.... is it just me or am i mixing this with something else? please help!

  3. why did jane adams open the hull house? | Yahoo …

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    22.02.2010 · so i need to know why did jane adams open the hull house ... Does any one know anything about jane adams and the hull houses? Does the Chicago Hull

  4. Jane Addams - Wikipedia


    According to the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, ... they all had to advance together to achieve any one. ... Jane, ed. Hull-House Maps and Papers: ...

  5. Jane Addams - Social Reformer and Founder of Hull House


    03.03.2017 · Social reformer Jane Addams founded the settlement ... hope that Jane and George would marry one ... of Hull House, settlement houses were ...

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    06.01.2015 · Video embedded · Find out more about the history of Jane Addams, ... Settlement house founder and peace activist Jane Addams (1860-1935) was one of the most ... Hull -House ...

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    Jane Addams and Hull House - Jane ... Even as a young girl Jane wanted to know why all people ... Confidence in yourself does not come without effort. One must ...

  8. Jane Addams - Facts - Nobel Prize


    21.05.2017 · Jane Addams. Born: 6 September 1860, Cedarville, ... She ran Hull House in Chicago, ... All you need to know about the Nobel Peace Prize!

  9. Jane Addams Hull-House Museum


    National Historic Landmark offers its hours, public programs and special events, a staff directory, and directions to Chicago location.

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    21.08.2017 · Jane Addams - Biographical (Laura) Jane Addams ... , traveled and studied in Europe for twenty-one months, ... Margaret, Jane Addams of Hull

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    28.08.2017 · Read about the life of Nobel Peace Prize honoree Jane Addams, who started Hull ... Jane saw rows of run-down houses crowded one ... "I should at least know ...