My college essay is 700 words long...too much? summarizing up main points in an eassay. please help? I've got 3 small children, & I'm considering rescuing a pitbull that I know comes from good home? Does it sound like I'm getting dumber? How come static charges can flow by diffusing from one body to another to equalize themselves, although the circuit is open? Who makes the loudest speakers and sound system? Who was the best president and why? Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, or Lyndon Johnson? Part of an essay prompt for a history final.? 10 points best answer! high blood pressure homework ..? how should i write a compartive essay about the metamorphosis and the very old man with enormous wings? What is an Exampliary essay? Is my use of dashes correct in the following sentence? Sony Erricson Tennis Tournament Ball person application!!!? Need help coming up with the name of a fake religion in a fantasy story!? What are the differences between computer languages? Having a hard time finishing school? Has anyone ever had any luck filling out online applications? (Dating) Polls and Surveys: Hi, my name is Simon what's yours___________? Significant figures?!?

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