how can i join another yarn since this is over and my scarf is still incomplete.? Can you write an amusing paragraph or 2 or more that includes these phrases? HELPPPP THEMEE ON FRANKENSTEIN!!!!? can i get into the University of Texas? Best answer gets 10 points! give me serious response please :(? How to write a documentary film propsal? How to become a model in South korea or Japan? What is outward foreign direct investment? Why Despacito Now The Most Viewed YouTube Video This 2017 And Still Closer To Reaching 3 Billion Views? College question...I'm a junior in high school...Is there anything else I should be doing? RELIGIONS make WARS and DIVIDE PEOPLE. I HATE all RELIGIONS. Yet their a FEW good people serving in them. Your thoughts on religions? Should I take high school drama/theater? How do I write without ripping off Twilight? i can't sleep at night.:/? On Harvest moon A wonderful life GC, how do you delete your saved game/farm files? What would happen if it was proved God didn't exist? Year 12 EEI, on spiders.. Any ideas?

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