From which advanced civilization did Europeans get the ďscienceĒ of making spirits? HELP! State has given temp custody of minor kids to neighbor instead of family? can any one tell me how to write bibiography? Is Lab View a good program to learn for a EE? Who is lady gaga? and does she suck as bad as she looks? How do I resend mail? i want my dad involved in my childs life? what is a good attention getter for the beginning of my essay in combo ( alc/u.s.h)? What do you do in Honors English for 9th grade? About how much does the Director of the National Archives or the Smithsonian make? "How many nations have fought each other more than once in modern history?"? Hellllppp I can't think of a way to start my research paper? Need ideas to write about, help? Intel Jobs in Navy or Army? Find the value of Ķ if OD is parallel to DB? Would you find this interesting and/or funny for a self-published book? What does it mean if a girl says this? is the really any difference between followers of Wicca and followers of The Vampire Diaries? Need help picking a college and pre-med route!!?

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