If I believe in evolution does that mean I am no longer a Christian? Colleges Abroad: PLEASE HELP!? How can anyone say Jesus is not the real son of God when documented history shows he could walk on water & resurrect before 500 witnesses? what is NEW MEDIA class? Why do Conservatives say California is anti Buisness? 18 year old need advice for anxiety!? Am I permitted to give a judge a written statement defending self in a case? (Juvenile)? I need a conclusion sentence! Please help!? Poll: What's the most stupid/silly thing you would cry about when you were a kid? I'm currently a middle school student with the aspirations of getting into an elite college such as Stanford, or Ivy League colleges.? I 'd like an opinion on an essay on Wicca? BSOD:Windows 7 CORRUPT FILES? Any ideas for a visual for my oral presentation on concussions on the offensive line? Can you answer these easy interview questions first person gets points!!!!!?

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