Can someone explain to me how the Universe can be "flat"? How do barn owls help/benefit humans? Should I go to my Aunt's or Mom's this Christmas break (both result in low self esteem)? My dog wants to go out... Repeatedly? US history 12 most important dates 1773-2011? Can anyone share any suggestions as to how I can get my homeschooled son to work to his potential? Do i have herpes? What kind of skills are needed for this type of thinking and how can I come about learning it? Ca anyone answer these questions about the british school system? i have to write an 2000 word essay about punctuation on warrior ethos on the military? help me with my german essay..? Is starting over with LinkedIn a good thing? How to get a job in programming? Argumentative/Persuasion essay topic help?!? Chances of getting into Columbia Graduate School of Journalism? Why every word does not accept every prefix? for example, why we say impossible but not unpossible ...?

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