Should or shouldn't I bring a resume to an interview? What does math have to do with these things? was trotsky jewish? will my pitbull still bite wen hes 4 months old? Am I a good candidate for Cornell? High School Junior, is 9.5 sec. a good time for a 25 yard freestyle?? How should i go about pursuing swimming? When are GCSE and A level subjects in the UK studied in the first and second year of study? Why are military Officers held to higher physical standards than Enlisted men? are these sentence a complete sentence? Can I get a career in the music business with a Communications degree? Caught in the "what if"? Which of the following groups represented the most significant conservative opposition to the New Deal? Last homework questions for Biology, help please? How can I stop putting myself down? What are rhetorical techniques? Help with APA format? How do I design a sewing pattern that will fit me? Pros and cons to homeschooling?

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      I'm very sorry that you are having theses problems. It sounds like the seizures themselves are very unpleasant and that they are keeping you from getting a job or a g/f. I am in a similar situation but I am at the end of my life and you are at the beginning of yours. I am in constant pain and I am physically disabled so that I can't do any job. My physical problems are severe enough... Full answer More answers

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    Roderigo produced a rope ladder, with five steps to it, threw up one end, and invited Zara to descend.

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    Our oldest son’s first counselor, who was a family friend, basically told us that we needed to give up. He would end up spending his childhood in residential treatment.

  9. Many qualities make up a modern climbing rope. And many nuances make every rope slightly different from one another—from weight to handling characteristics.

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    [7] The present was my next experiment of this kind, which I purpose to describe more at length, for convenience putting the experience of two years into one.