Can someone give me an example of bias for global warming? Good job for a 14 year old? I like many types of music, is this right? i have to write an essay on the pressure and release model looking at the Indonesian tsunami? I do not want to marry a girl, who had slept with many guys. Am I wrong? Why are commercials for movies allowed to lie about the reviews the movie got? Calculate my English grade? What do Catholics do on Holy Thursday and what is celebrated on that day? How do I get over my first love? And why was my brother being so sweet to me? Better copy/paste program than the default Windows 7? (One that won't let a brief connection loss make it completely start over)? Never had a job before...20 Y/O? NEED ADVICE: 2.87 GPA, should i even bother with law school (explanation included)? How come some Y/A questions categories automatically get changed sometimes? My sony vaio laptop won't connect to the internet, even though other devices are connected to the wifi in my house? How can i stop Microsoft Word/Excel 2011 from launching? can you correct this email for me please?

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