What do you know about each of these essayists? Which one would be the best for a school author project? I go back 5 years on my resume--I could go back 8 years--most of expereince is overseas ESL teacher? How can I make this thesis strong? I was reading all the comments about the job market in Vegas? 2 Tender Breasts and Painful Nipples- Normal Periods, on Ortho-Tri Lo- HELP!!!? im a middle school witer is this good? i am doing btech in ECE sometimes I am sio blank about wht to do nxt or how i will make it big? How do I write a thesis statement comparing two poems without....? Descartes and the wax argument - a contradiction? Are my chances of getting accepted totally shot? HELP on poetry interpretation essay hook...? I NEED HELP SOON!!!!? Should I stay at a job that is unrelated to my career goals? Can someone please help me restate this thesis please!!? i need help on rhyme schemes i will vote best and all that for help? can someone help me finish this essay..i'm have terrible writers block.?

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was born an ordinary actor. I will die an ordinary actor. But I've ...
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