can someone help proofread my essay for a college application? Prior to the civil war, how did African Americans contribute to america? Did Alexander the Great really claim or think that he was divine? should polyandry exist or not? Why do Conservatives think Hillary is not qualified to be President? Does anyone know anything about Victour Wouk? is this as good thesis statement for an Illegal immigration research essay? Isn't pitch measured in hertz? Please can you review my essay? are there any mistakes? Thanks for help? Calling all experts at A level English Literature !!!! STRUGGLING ON CRITICAL LITERARY ANALYSIS !!!!!? 'Not too much nor too little'. To what extent is this the basis for a fulfilled life? I need help on ART ESSAY.? Help me word my thesis statement? Career wise, what do I do to make this happen? Help with Biology Homework, AQA Science-Plants? do you know of any US presidents that had a tattoo or tattoos? Help please i have a school assignment? what should i do about this guy that is my friends(lilly) boyfriend and keeps calling me and friends(Ava) Hoes??? (not there real names)? My horse has worms! What can I do?

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