Why does socialism have such a bad name in the usa.? I have ADHD/ADD focusing problems in class. How can I manage it? 10 POINTS? in what speech did jfk say "change is the law of life" quote? What controls threads and dictates which set of instructions are placed as "threads"? Why is Higher Education Important? i don't know what i want and what i will become, I feel worthless? What is the state of Israel if we stop supporting them? If I meet employers in person and discussed rumors around town & disspell them, will I get hired? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!? When should I start applying for college and writing essays? Why would Puerto Rico want to become a state? Still keep the Lenovo ideapad y700 or buy the asus ROG GL752VW? im an athlete and train hard during my sessions but when i rest and sit down i end up feeling very unmotivated to move again, this normal?

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      Ivies are hard to get into, but you have good grades, difficult classes, job experience, and a lot of volunteering. One thing I would suggest is to start working on your essay now. Believe me, you'll have enough to do next year, applying to the schools, and should write it. Maybe how you got over your shyness through traveling to Israel without your parents, or how you realized that... Full answer

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