Shakespeare questions!? What does "striking words and phrases" mean? I received a short job this bad news for me? Help understanding/breaking down a question? Are there any shredded paper beddings? Beetroot Coursework...HELP PLEASE!!!? I don't understand this essay question!!!? Is there any difference between Republicans & Democrats in how they explain how babies come from to their kids? Need some help discussing "randomness" in essay.? Teens: Did you have any pleasant suprises recently? what kind of skills do I put for a resume? Why doesn't my account automatically log off after a certain time limit, if I accidentally forget to do it ? What are some questions I could discuss regarding the nature of Atomic Bomb/ Nuclear Testing? Rose pruning dilemma - can you help? Which of these lesser known founding fathers would be most interesting to write an essay on? Are there any particular chord changes that are common to particular modes? History helpp ? :] pleaseeeeeee?

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      Andersonville (1996): Andersonville tells the story of the infamous southern prison camp. During the war, both sides experienced difficulties caring for prisoners. Andersonville was the worst of the camps. The film covers the experiences of the prisoners in this southern concentration camp. The camp housed 33,000 prisoners with little food or shelter. After the war, the camp... Full answer More answers

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