Needing ideas for a disscussion questions on the movie/book "whale rider"? Art history help please?!? Revise my English Essay? Please!? is it possible to create a virus that suspends operations when you click task manager or any other resource monitoring software? What's a good laptop to get? Teenagers and Fifty Shades? I'm Indian but I don't like many other Indians? What are my chances of getting accepted to an Ivy League? How can I find the real identity of a Scammer? easy quick scholarship?? I'm a little confused about the presidential candidates? Isn't Pascal's Wager sort of foolish? when can i wash my car after a paint job? How to treat pain after circumcision? How does retirement work if you took a pay cut? What s the LCM (least common multiple) orfor 4,5, and 6? What are to possible essay topics you can make up form a Brave New world by Aldous Huxley? As Monsters, compare and contrast Tartuffe and Victor Frankenstein. What do they say about their culture? the great charcters who inspired by holy spirit? When Will Humans Go Extinct?

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