1. Do I Have Dyslexia ? – International Dyslexia Association


    Do I Have Dyslexia? Self-Assessment Tool. ... Do you think you may have dyslexia? Please complete the brief 10 question self-assessment tool below.

  2. Do you think I am dyslexic? : Dyslexia - reddit


    I'm a 15 yo girl and I didn't know about dyslexia until this past year. No one talked about it to me, and I had never heard of it. As I'm very...

  3. i think i am dyslexic?? what do you think? | Yahoo …

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    15.06.2008 · i think i am dyslexic. i get words, numbers, even directions mixed up. if i am reading i say words and letters in the wrong order sometimes. if someone ...

  4. do you think i am dyslexic? | Yahoo Answers


    07.02.2012 · Hi i'm just rather curious over anything but we were doing a leson on dyslexia a week ago in english and it hit me am i dyslexic? i honestly don't ...

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    I think you are dyslexic because i am dyslexic I know what it fells like so I know were you are coming from I am not an expert so you should go see a specialist like ...

  6. Am I Dyslexic? | Find out if you have Dyslexia | Being ...


    Am I Dyslexic? A checklist test to help identify if you may be dyslexic. ... Do you find it difficult to take messages on the telephone and pass them on correctly? 11.

  7. Shocking: Are You Dyslexic? (incredible test with answers ...

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    10.11.2014 · Video embedded · Shocking: Are You Dyslexic? (incredible test with answers) ... Are you dyslexic?, Am I dyslexic?, ... Do you have good EYES?

  8. Dyslexia -Frequently Asked Questions


    As you continue to use chopsticks over the months ... has ADHD but I think that he is Dyslexic. ... find out I am Dyslexic, what can I do?

  9. Dyslexia Test | Dyslexia | Dyslexic Advantage


    31.01.2016 · Do you think you may be Dyslexic? Take the Dyslexia Test The below Adult Dyslexia Checklist is very simple. Most adults with dyslexia never had a formal

  10. Test for Dyslexia: 37 Common TraitsDyslexia the Gift


    Test for Dyslexia: 37 Common Traits. ... toy” into “tog doy” I didn’t do this as a child, but I do now. I am attending college ... as you have only ...

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