1. can i still get into UCLA with these grades? | Yahoo …

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    16.04.2008 · i really want to go to UCLA and i got a 2.7 on my freshman year and now that im a sophmore and get better grades and do good on the SATs can i get into UCLA?

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    Can I get into UCLA? mailman2516 Registered User Posts: 12 New Member. March 2012 edited December 2012 in University of California - Los Angeles. ... Can I get in, or ...

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    12.04.2016 · I'm a junior in high school my GPA is a 2.9(on the rise though ) I messed up my freshman year and I failed a class both semesters and my sophomore year ...

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    30.04.2013 · How can I get into UCLA? ... If you can get a ... because I picked up the slack and pace in Junior and Senior year and still made it into one of ...

  5. I got into UCLA, but I got 2 C's and a D in my final year ...


    21.03.2015 · I got a C in a general education history course this quarter, with all A's and one B in my other courses, can I still get into UCLA or USC?

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    21.12.2016 · Can I still get into UCLA or a college of that level with a 3.5 first semester freshmen year (highschool)?

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    I'm in a California community college and I'm looking to transfer.

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    FAQs from Denied Freshman Applicants. Here are the most common questions we get from freshman applicants who were not admitted to UCLA. Q: Can you ... still like to ...

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    Freshman Selection - Fall 2017. PDF version of this page. Each year, UCLA considers many more excellent applicants for freshmen admission than it can possibly admit.

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    05.04.2009 · The odds of getting into Berkeley or UCLA are better for ... than UCLA and UC berkeley.. do you guys still think I may ... can get a lot of ...