How to better word this clustered up sentence? (Writing help, please +10PointsBEST/ANSWER ASAP/thmbs + Points)? Post a Job What are my chances of getting into Boston University? How is my internship resume? shouldnt the nba do something along the lines of this idea...? Does anyone Know any Famous Mathematicians? ? I got rid of all my friends- rebuilding a life? Can I get in Stanford, Duke, or JHU with a 3.91 GPA? Canada's biggest contribution to World War II was? One of my questions for my Intro to Christianity midterm asks: What is a Three-story universe (Cosmic Mountain)? Yesterday the power went out at my house. When I got home from work? Windows 10 issues.? If the ocean off the California coast can rise by as much as 10 feet by the year 2100, shouldn't we halt as much human activity as is...? What is the importance of understanding economics? I want to imprt LED Lights from CHina i am from Pakistan? How to convice my mom to let me get a snake? Free Warehouse Resume Can MIT graduates think at a higher level? Tips for AP US Government and Comparative Distance Education Course? What happened! My points suddenly went down by 60 for no reason can anyone explain? Why wont my parents let me have a reptile!? Ive tried everything!?

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