Research Topic Arguments or Topic?!? Which language should I study privately? Windows 10 reset error? What to do when postal services damages a package? Where do I Go to get Training as a "Crime Lab Analsyt" ?? On a resume do you need to give a description of your job (what you do on a daily basics) or what you gained (skills) working there? How should a home schooler go about getting into Yale? Homeschool moms? Select a major U.S. foreign policy effort from the 1990s. You may choose from among the policies of either Geo? Ebay Seller Never Mentioned Cat-C Write Off? Read and edit my essay on The Kite Runner? I have a Definition Agrument Essay due next week. Any good topic ideas? Uncertainty in Physics? Does 'cogida' have sexual connotations in Spain? Argumentative/Persuasion essay topic help?!? how many marks do you need in ICT AS to get a C overall? Is this a good first paragraph for an essay? Did Marvel (Iron Man) copy DC (Batman)? I need a friend, i hate life, a fuck up at it's best? Is Taking 4 AP Classes Too Much? I feel angry and jealous at my ex boyfriend's new rebound/girlfriend, how do I cope and is it right for me to feel like this?

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      I just tried this on my own Word and this worked for me: Highlight the double-spaced quote you want to switch to single. At the top of the screen, make sure the 'Home' tab is clicked. In the 'Styles' section, you should see one of the styles outlined in gold. The second style should have 'No Spacing'. Click that and only the quote should shrink to single spacing. Full answer More answers

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